Poor finances over time, can lead to anxiety


The economy's state is a matter of concern for many.

It is a  fact that prolonged financial instability or hardship can develop anxiety. Did you know that poor or strained finances over time can cause an anxiety? This anxiety is rooted in a fear of the future, as one begins to worry about their ability to provide for their family, maintain their home, and keep up with expenses. This fear can even manifest itself physically, as some people develop a fear of their mailbox due to the likelihood of receiving bills they cannot pay. As a result, they may avoid opening their mail altogether or discard it in a hidden location. Although this behavior may give them a sense of control and freedom, it is a false sense of security that they know deep down.

The trepidation of the economy can be far-reaching in its consequences. It can result in erratic sleep patterns, low self-worth, fluctuations in appetite, self-imposed isolation, erratic mood swings, intense feelings of despondency, and lethargy. Additionally, it can cause social anxiety and, as time passes, escalate into panic attacks.

Do you find this to be familiar?

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