Are you a person who continuously gives to others? Who would give and give until you are emotionally, mentally empty? Is this one of the reasons you feel depressed? Where can you get rejuvenate / refill? What do you do for yourself and tell yourself?

Social anxiety


Do you ever find yourself struggling in social situations, feeling like you don't quite measure up? Do you feel like others are constantly scrutinizing you, and that the things you have to say are not as intelligent as you would like them to be? It can be exhausting to constantly monitor your posture, gait, and body language, and many people...

Panic attack


Have you ever experienced a panic attack? It happens suddenly but is usually the result of long-term psychological stress and is often the result of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The pulse increases, the head feels "black", the person loses consciousness, the body trembles, many times "freezes" and cannot move, and some people faint. This...

What is..


Depression is sadness or sometimes anger abour the past



Depression may be based on a need for self-love, time, and contact with your inner self. There can be lack of love from partner, children, and family. Maybe a feeling of not being important and/or needed. Depression can cause some form of change/uncertainty. Depression can lead to personal growth because you often need to learn new strategies to...

Anxiety and/or depression often interferes with your enjoyment of daily life and everything you value. It can leave you feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed, taking your attention away from other, more interesting things. A sad inner dialogue arises, the body feels heavy and weak, whether you're depressed or filled with insecurity when you're scared.

mind goes into overdrive, and in many cases the body shakes, so it can be difficult to eat; for example, in social situations. You were exhausted, but also terrified. Such unrest is difficult to quell.



Anxiety can be defined as a type of fear for both the known and the unknown. It is a lack of trust in one's inner strength and guidance, and can create obstacles in love, social, and other relationships. Anxiety can also hinder creative expression. Interestingly, anxiety can be self-perpetuating - it can develop in order to produce more anxiety....