How to cope with anxiety and depression

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression? There are a lot of people who feel the same way, and it can be hard to overcome. But there are ways to help resolve these issues. Do you need advice and find it difficult to get started? There are both public and private actors available to help you. If you are interested in my services, I currently offer a free initial consultation.

"Anxiety can be seen as incredible care. A person who is capable of worrying so deeply can also love just as deeply. The darker the fear, the brighter the hope. Every person has two opposite sides. A very pessimistic person can hope more than, an optimistic person. The only difference is that they hide their hope" - Robbins-Madanes

"Telling a person to change their negative thoughts to positive ones only makes the person feel more misunderstood" – Mark Peycha

Imagine if you could stop feeling anxious or depressed. You might get more time to solve other problems. Exercise regularly. Connect through joy. Give love. Greater focus on career. Complete pending projects. Connect with Family, and more.

According to Tony Robbins' modified Maslow's hierarchy of needs, people need:

> Certainty: We want to feel safe, avoid problems and pain and feel comfortable in our environment.

> Variety/Uncertainty: Change and challenge teach us about our emotional, spiritual, and physical strength. Everyone needs some variety in life.

> Significance: People need to feel important, special, unique, wanted, and needed.

> Love/Connection: Everybody needs connection with other human beings, and everyone strives for and hopes for love. An infant needs to be loved and cared for during a long period of time if it is to develop normally.

> Personal Growth: A person needs to continuously develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

> Contributing to something greater than ourselves: going beyond our own needs and giving to others. Giving to others may mean giving time to community service, making a charitable donation, planting trees, writing a book, or giving to one's children. It is human nature to want to give back and make an impact in the world.

Anxiety and depression are both symptoms of unmet needs, and with the help of the right strategies, you can learn to use your anxiety as a "driver" rather than a blocker.

Is it possible to use depression to understand your feelings and needs, find inner peace, and give yourself a "time out" instead of just cultivating sadness and what is missing? What basic needs are not being met in your life?

"Depression means your body needs deep rest. It needs a rest from the character you've been trying to play." - Jim Carrey

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