Depression and selflove


Are you a person who continuously gives to others? Who would give and give until you are emotionally, mentally empty? Is this one of the reasons you feel depressed? Where can you get rejuvenate / refill? What do you do for yourself and tell yourself?

Imagine having a spouse or partner who tells you and shows you that he or she loves you every single day. Then imagine that one day goes by without he or she telling you or showing you that you are loved... two days go by... 1 week... 1 month... 1 year... even years. How would you feel?

Imagine a little child who has stood and pulled on his mother's leg for years, trying to get attention, calling "Mommy, Mommy" and getting no response. How will this child feel? The child will eventually give up and will "wither", emotionally, because he will not feel seen, valued or loved.

This child may be your inner child, whom you have no care or love for.

What activities did you enjoy as a child? What do you do when you feel happy and energized? What are you doing today to feel happy and energized? What do you do to recharge your batteries?

Do you value yourself?