Living with anxiety and worry


mind goes into overdrive, and in many cases the body shakes, so it can be difficult to eat; for example, in social situations. You were exhausted, but also terrified. Such unrest is difficult to quell.

An overactive mind can cause you to imagine the worst case scenario instead of trusting the process of life and that life will be good for you. You feel like you have control over every little detail. You can't live in the here and now and enjoy a social environment. Spending time with your partner, kids, going to the grocery store, or going to the mailbox can be fraught with anxiety and demands.

There are many reasons why a person may develop anxiety. It can be a feeling of not being good enough. There is a risk of being locked out.

It could be that you are in a poor financial position and cannot pay your debts and monthly expenses. For a strict God, this can be scary. Among other things, it can be stress and an underlying feeling of not having enough time and having to rush, whether in life or at work. Anxiety can be caused by depression. Feeling depressed and "off limits" due to work, social gatherings, or other reasons can lead to an anxious lifestyle because you are forced to do things you are not mentally or physically ready for. There is a gap between where you actually are and the role you need to play in response to the new situation.

Anxiety and/or depression can often overshadow the joys of everyday life and everything you hold dear. It can be paralyzing and draining, taking your attention away from other, more interesting things you want to do.

Sad inner dialogue occurs and the body feels heavy There's nothing you can do when you're depressed and anxiety-ridden when you're scared.

What would you be doing if you weren't struggling with anxiety and/or depression?

You can use many different strategies such as breathing techniques and affirmations as well as the 6 Personal Needs* to calm yourself down and see how anxiety helped me. Biologically speaking, the body is designed to avoid battling anxiety for too long at a time. The system is completely exhausted and needs rest. This calm can come in the form of relief or recovery from depression. But I believe it makes sense to use strategies to handle things gently rather than giving in to fear. The more you get used to it and stop being afraid of it, the easier it will become.

All people have the answers and the power to make the most of their lives. It's just a matter of finding the right strategy to achieve this goal.

As an RMT (Robbins-Madanis Training) trainer, I have learned a ton of strategies that have helped many people, including myself.

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